Innovative Gallery Wall Ideas for Any Room

Do you have too many items to hang and not enough space? It’s time to get creative with your art arrangements! Here’s a collection of gallery wall ideas for those spare pieces you just have to display.

1. Corner Gallery

gallery wall ideas

So, you love art? If you are an avid art collector you may be wondering how to display it in your home. This is a creative example of how to create an inviting atmosphere while bringing the room together. These couch pulls the colors out of the modern art pieces to make them pop. The lamp in the corner creates a cozy area that makes you just want to sit and contemplate the art on the wall. (from

2. Kid’s Gallery Wall Ideas

Kid’s artwork tends to end up all over the place, or filed away and forgotten about. Why not make a gallery out of it? Find frames to match the individual pictures. Make the frames as large or as small as you want by adding a mat inside the frame. Turn it into a family project by having your kids help pick out their favorite pieces of work to display on the wall. The artwork can be replaced easily as new pieces are created making for an ever-changing gallery. (from

Do you have a lot of rotating wall pieces? Simplify the decoration process with the STAS hanging system. Install the kit once and move your art around freely as much as you want. Check out the STAS system here.

3. The Quote Wall

Gallery wall art does not have to be about pictures, it can be about your favorite quotes and decorations from around your home. The rustic themed wall art brings together words of wisdom, rustic elegance, and is enhanced by the eclectic symbols. A gallery like this would be perfect in an entryway to greet guests as they walked into your home. It would also work well as a cozy book nook in a living room or den. (from

4. Office Gallery Wall Ideas

art gallery ideas office

An office space says a lot about who you are as a company and as a person, which is why you need a sleek, elegant design. This gallery uses pictures of varying sizes but are all lined up at the bottom. Each frame is a different shade of rose gold, which complements the warm colors of the left wall. The gallery gives the wall some character without being too overwhelming for an office setting.

This small gallery in particular is displayed with the STAS picture hanging system. Once the kit is put in place, you will have unlimited organization of your favorite pieces across the entire wall. Preserve your walls and enjoy total customization with STAS. Watch a video of the STAS system in action, right here.

5. Sleek Black Frame Gallery

gallery wall ideas minimalism

If you are more of a minimalist person, black and white may be more your style. This sleek gallery wall art does have some subtle colors in it, but it is dominated by a minimalist look. The gallery is complemented by modern art pieces, such as the 3D geometric piece. All the artwork has the black frame in common and is mostly dominated by the white mats inside the frame. The varying sizes of the mats make this gallery visually interesting. (from

⚠ Are your pieces a little too heavy? Simplify the hanging process and save the integrity of your walls with stronger hanging systems.

6. Kid’s Nook Gallery

art gallery wall ideas kids

A kids’ play area is the perfect place to display their crafts or kid-themed artwork. Here the gallery is made up of two mobiles and a collage of kid-friendly pictures. Whether this is a drawing table or just a surface to play on, the children will be inspired by the bright colors and fun pictures. The gallery will be simple to hang as you will only need a few cords to create this look.

Displaying creative arrangements is very easy with the STAS system. After one easy, non-destructive setup you can enjoy years and years of total creative control with art, mirrors, clocks, and more. If you’re afraid of ruining your home with holes, you can take control of your walls with STAS.

7. Family Focus Gallery

gallery wall idea family first

When you want family as your focus, a gallery wall art like this is a good option. The family photo is in the middle with the children’s complementing on the outside. The quotes in this gallery are meaningful to the family members, so you can really make it your own. One simple way to change this up is with the chalkboard picture frame. Just erase the previous quote and write your new favorite one on the board. (from

8. Travel Gallery Wall

This travel gallery wall art is perfect if you have the travel bug. Even if you have not been to any of these places, the pictures on the wall can inspire you and enhance the space in your home. Find a frame that fits the feel of the photo. For example, a vintage frame would go well with the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. The travel gallery can be used for both modern and vintage pictures to match your home décor. (from

8. Peaceful Gallery

gallery wall art idea peaceful

Looking for something peaceful to add to your home? This gallery of leaves goes well with the theme in this home. Each frame is all the same while the leaves in the middle are different. The golden statues pull out the gold undertones from the leaves while keeping the nature feel to the gallery. In front of the piano is the perfect spot for this gallery as nature is known to soothe and inspire creativity. (from

9. Four-piece Gallery

four piece gallery wall art idea

A gallery does not have to feel cluttered or eccentric to create an effect. This four-piece minimalistic gallery goes well with the modern desk and chair. There are two pairs of the same size frames staggered to create a larger square. When it comes to creating this type of gallery, the mats inside the frames can be different size to fit your own pictures. Furthermore, while this gallery is black and white, another option would be to choose two colors to brighten up the space or enhance the modern décor.  (from

10. The Home Studio Gallery Wall Ideas

home studio space gallery idea

Whether you have room in your house or own a professional gallery, hanging high quality artwork needs to be done with the right tools. This photo shows how big of an impact the art can have with a simple hanging system. The result is a sleek design that lets the passerby focus on what is in the artwork, and not what is holding it up. Combined with spotlights, this professional gallery can be hung in a short amount of time.

11. Vintage Gallery Wall Ideas

gallery wall ideas vintage

Vintage style is always in style as it has a classic look and can be used in a variety of ways. Here the gallery uses vintage frames and photos to create a unique gallery. The furniture surrounding the gallery keeps the vintage feel with the distressed chair and brown cushion. If you cannot find vintage frames, make your own by using chalk paint and distressing the frame yourself. Look for vintage photos at garage sales or thrift shops. (from

12. Staircase Gallery

staircase gallery idea

A staircase is a wonderful place to put a gallery, especially one of your family. Oftentimes this space goes underused or unused, so fill it up with favorite pictures of friends and family. In this gallery, the large photo of the family is the focal point and the surrounding ones accent it. Using varying size frames, the gallery turns what would have been a boring walk up the stairs into an interesting one. (from

13. Cloth Gallery Ideas

gallery wall art idea

Galleries are not just for frames and pictures. Canvas art can be hung using a clip hanging system. This way, the canvas can be displayed as tight or as loose as the artist intended. The hanging system works well for other types of material as well, and is not just for canvases. Using a unique material like a canvas adds texture in a gallery to liven up the space.

14. The Eclectic Gallery

gallery wall hanging ideas

Who says you only have to put photos on the wall? Here this gallery uses plates, a record, and other odds and ends to create a visually interesting gallery. A gallery like this could be created from things you have collected over the years from various places you have traveled, mementos that have been passed down through your family, or random finds at a flea market. When creating a gallery like this, there are many possibilities. (from

16. Entire Wall Gallery

entire wall gallery ideas

Vintage or old photos are a wonderful way to show off where you have come from or to remember the past. This gallery is created with black and white photos and frames of varying sizes. The photos are lined up at different heights, but they are spread out enough to be visually interesting – instead of just in a straight line. As you walk past this gallery, your eyes will be drawn up and down.

17. The Above the Bar Gallery

above the bar gallery ideas
Need gallery wall ideas for your own personal lounge or bar? A wine bar is a good place to hang your sepia toned photos of the wine making process. Fields of endless grapevines, barrels, and closeup of grapes complement the interior of this bar. The hanging system allows you to move the pictures side to side until you find the right spot. Rounding off the gallery is a clever clock that brings together the top and bottom of the bar.

18. A Dining Gallery

dining gallery ideas

To complete a dining area, hang a piece of art that complements the wall color. This artwork tones down the lighter color behind it. The combination of the light and dark chairs completes the set to create a unique eating area. It is both cozy and bold without being overly dramatic. As you change tables over the years, the artwork can change with you. The hanging system can be used with different pieces and moved to be centered according to the table.

19. Crafty Kids Gallery

Sometimes our kids create so many crafts that we just do not know what to do with them. Luckily for you, here are some great gallery wall ideas for all those bits and pieces of wonderful art the children in your life create. Start hanging them on wall with this hanging system. As you add more pieces, you can space them out evenly. Furthermore, the gallery can be extended sideways or down depending on your design preference. This gallery shows both, as the first kite is being extended down while other kites are expanding outwards. Utilizing a unique hanging system like STAS will really help your wall pop with creativity from the freedom of customization. Not to mention your walls won’t be littered with holes and blemishes from traditional hanging techniques.

20. Baby Room Gallery Wall Ideas

baby room gallery ideas

Need gallery wall ideas for the newest member of your family? This clever gallery uses teddy bears to add a third dimension to the gallery. The frames are all the same as are the two bears. The different fabrics in the middle frames are made of the same fabric from the curtain and pillow, which bring the entire area together. As the child grows older, the frames can easily be switched out and moved around with the hanging system.


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