No Nails, No Problem: How to Hang Pictures Without Nails


It can be a pain to cover up nail holes after moving your picture gallery. Even worse, if you are renting you can lose your security deposit if the landlord has to patch up too many holes. The best way to combat the nail problem is hanging pictures without nails. Not using nails is much simpler and you can change the pictures without having to worry about spackling, sanding, and repainting.

So just what is the best way to hang pictures on the wall without using nails? There are few different ways that are simple, easy, and affordable.

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Preparation: Hanging Pictures Without Damaging Wall

There are a few different ways you can hang pictures without putting holes in the wall.

The first step to creating your gallery is finding the right space. Look around the room and find an area that is large enough to hang your pictures and artwork without having them too crowded together. The posters, frames, and/or art should be evenly spaced apart so the area doesn’t look cluttered.

The gallery area should be at eye level, as this is the most comfortable way to look at your artwork and pictures. Your neck is going to get sore if you have to stare up and you won’t notice the pictures if you have to bend down. To measure eye level, run a tape measure from the floor to the ceiling. Notice where your eyes naturally gaze while standing about a foot away from the wall. Once you have measured this, make a mark on the tape measure.

Prepping the Area and Frames

Now that you have found where you want your gallery to be, it is time to prep the area and the frames. This is an important step because if the area is not properly cleaned and prepared, the frames and artwork will not stay on the wall. You do not want all your work to go to waste because you have skipped this simple step – so don’t skip it!

Clean the surface of the wall with isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth. Allow the area to completely dry before attempting to put anything on it. Do the same thing on the back of the picture frame, artwork, or poster.

The next step is to prepare the frame by removing the hanging hardware. When you are hanging artwork without nails, the frame usually needs to be flush against the wall. In addition, the hanging hardware can get in the way of the hanging systems, so it is best to just remove it completely.

Prepping the Area and Frames

Option 1: Picture Rail System

Picture hanging systems are another simple way to hang pictures without using nails. When using a system like STAS, you will need to keep the hanging hardware on your frames so they can hang on the hook. The system uses rails, cables, and hooks to hang your artwork. The rail attaches flush against the wall or ceiling and comes in a white or aluminum color to match your interior décor.

Once the rail is in place, attach the cord to the rail so and slide it to the place where you want your picture hung. The steel cable cords can handle much more weight than the adhesive way of hanging pictures. The cords are available in white or black, so they can blend in or stand out against the wall.

After the cord is attached, you will need a hook to hang the picture on. The hooks come in various sizes and hold either eight pounds, 33 pounds, or 44 pounds. Once the pictures are hung on the system, they can be slid across the wall until you find the perfect spot.

Want to know more? Watch our step-by-step instructional videos here.

stas picture hanging system

Option 2: Adhesives

Adhesives are one way to hang pictures without nails. These come in sets where one side attaches to the picture frame and the other side sticks to the wall. They stay together by the Velcro in the middle. One set of strips will hold one 8×10 inch frame or three pounds. Two sets of strips will hold one 11×17 inch frame or up to six pounds. Four sets of strips will hold an 18×24 inch frame or up to twelve pounds. Make sure you have the appropriate strips for your frame otherwise it will fall off the wall.

The strips should be attached to each corner of the frame. If you are only using one set, put on the top of the frame. When using two sets of strips, one each should be placed on each corner at the top. If you are using four sets of strips, place one set on all four corners of the frame.

Now it is time to put the strips on the wall. Put the frame and strips on the wall. Peel the frame off the strips that are attached to the wall so the frame comes free but the strips stay on the wall. Press the strips on the wall firmly and wait one hour before hanging the frame back up. This ensures the strips attach securely to the wall.


Option 3: Removable Hooks

Removable hooks are perfect for hanging pictures without nails. Depending on which of the following method you use, you may need to use the hanging hardware that comes with the frame.

The first method will use the hardware that comes with the frame. The hooks work similar to the adhesive, as they stick to the wall. Make sure to thoroughly clean the wall with isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth before working with the area. Once it is dry, place the hook on the wall and let it sit for an hour before you hang your picture.

For this next method, you will use a photo, poster, or another piece of artwork that is not in a frame as well as removable hooks. Figure out how many pictures you want to hang and how evenly you want them spaced apart. From there, determine where on the wall you want your adhesive hooks hung. Make sure to they are level as you will be hanging string on them. After leaving the hooks set for an hour, tie string to both of the hooks – this is where the pictures will be hung. Use clothespins to clips artwork, pictures, or posters to the string. Make sure your hooks are strong enough for the gallery you want to hang.

Removable Hooks


There are a variety of ways of hanging pictures without nails so you can protect your walls. This is perfect if you rent or want to move around your gallery regularly to change up the look. Use adhesives, the STAS system, or hooks to hang your pictures without having to put any holes in your wall. Since there are a few different methods, you can find the one that works for you and your home.

how to hang pictures without nails

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These Macrame Wall Hangings Will Breathe Life into Your Home


Macrame can liven up your living space with its elaborate patterns and versatility of design. The art of macramé, or “macromay” has a long history and originated in the 13th century. The craft originated in the Middle East and spread through Europe, China, and the New World. Today, the art has evolved into large macramé wall hangings, shawls, veils, curtains, and throws to add décor and texture to all rooms in the home. (image via

How to Create a Macramé Tapestry

To create a macramé tapestry, you are probably wondering just what it is. Macrame is basically trying knots into a pattern with rope. There are many types of macramé knots, but here are a few that you should start practicing to get the hang of knot trying.

Reverse Larkshead Knot – The Reverse Larkshead Knot is normally used to keep the macramé cord on the dowel rod. Fold the macramé rope in half and place the loop beneath the dowel rod. Next, loop the cords down through the loop and pull them tight into a knot. In the end, your knot should look like this:

Half Knot – The Half Knot is made with four cords. Separate them so the two outer cords are separate from the two inner cords. Cross the left cord over the two inner cords and underneath the right cord. Cross the right cord to the left creating a loop. Pull tight to secure the knot.

Square Knot – a Square Knot is basically continuing the half knot. Complete the Half Knot as described above. Next, reverse the steps by bringing the right cord to the left and underneath the left cord. The next step is to cross the right cord over and pull the knot tight.

hang macrame
Illustration from

Braid with Half Hitch and Overhand Knot – If you know how to braid, this will be an easy knot for you to master. Use two pieces of rope in each of the three sections. Braid the cords as you would normally keeping the two sets together. Once you get to the end, keep the furthest left cord out. Wrap the left cord around all the cords and pull it up through the loop. Now, do the same using the right cord.

macrame wall hanging

Displaying Large Macrame Wall Hangings

Heavily threaded and generally light-weight, smaller macrame is simple to hang. While a hook and nail would likely suit minimal pieces that don’t take up much space, if you are interested in large macrame wall hangings that you may move around frequently, then a more complete hanging system is your best bet. Hanging macrame can be a lot like hanging tapestries where you will have to align the piece perfectly while providing strong, even support.

Hooks and nails are not a good idea for larger pieces of macrame. These traditional styles are inherently destructive to the walls and, if you underestimate the weight, you may be left with a long hole in your wall in the shape of California. Instead, even distribution is easily accomplished with a picture rail system. These rail-based, aluminum, wall & ceiling systems are easily installed and allow for full customization. Enforced cords hang from the rails and clip onto your macrame. Many pieces already feature a triangular section that will already help even out the hanging, so you may only need a few nails. A rail system will provide even more balance and location options.

Exquisite Examples of Macramé Wall Hangings

Now that you understand some basic concepts of macramé, it is time to get some inspiration for your projects. There are many types of knots and designs that can be used in macramé, it just takes a little time to learn them. If you do not have the time to craft your own tapestry, there are also stores online that sell hand-crafted macramé tapestries. Let’s take a look at some ideas for some inspiration to decorate your home.

1. Pop of Color

Exquisite Examples of Macramé Wall Hangings

Macramé wall hangings don’t have to be just white, they can be any color you want. Use cords that are dyed different colors or you can add color to the ends once the piece is done. These can easily be hung with the STAS hanging system. Once you put these tapestries on the system, they can be moved around on the wall. Switch the colored tapestries around depending on the look you are going for. With the hanging system, these can be easily moved into different positions for a new look.

2. Beach Inspired

Beach Inspired

This macramé tapestry uses birch wood to hold the cords in place. The wood gives the piece a beachy feel which flows through the cords of the tapestry. The theme is continued by wood accents beneath the tapestry. Place the accent wood pieces in a vase filled with sand to pull the theme together. If you need to add some color, try natural tan or blue-green to remind you of sitting on the beach.

3. More Than Knots

More Than Knots

While macramé is the art of knots, there are a variety of ways this can play out. Here we have a tapestry that creates leaves flowing down the cords of the piece. This adds more texture to the room than the traditional macramé tapestry would. The leaf macramé tapestry would complement a room with a nature theme or a minimalist look. This type of tapestry would also look great in a yoga studio or meditation room.

4. Accent the Tapestry

Accent the Tapestr

The tapestry doesn’t have to stay as is once you complete it. You can put anything – such as accents – you want on it. This piece is a good example of rustic décor that can be dressed up depending on the season. For this tapestry, the rustic feels flows through the area with the vintage jars and wooden candles. The pine cones are reminiscent of Christmas and the accent piece can be made to be removable. During the fall, create an accent with fall colors to add to the décor. The accent can be customized for the different seasons, holidays, and your mood.

5. Bedroom Piece

Bedroom Piece

A large wall hanging macramé tapestry looks great over the head of the bed. This large piece spruces up an otherwise boring wall. The colors on the bed give the room enough color so the tapestry does not need to add more. The tapestry does add texture that is much needed in this room. The combination of the two create an interesting focal point for a modern style bedroom. The style of the tapestry has a wavy feel which complements the geometry of the bedspread. The palm tree accent on the night stand pulls this look together.

6. Group Tapestries Together

Group Tapestries Together

What is better than one tapestry? Three macramé tapestries staggered in a row. These diagonal pieces look great next to the Christmas tree and the best part is you don’t have to take them down once Christmas is over. These tapestries can be left up throughout the year by using complementing accent pieces to change with the seasons. They are easy to decorate with as they are neutral in color yet add a unique aspect to the living room.

7. Bookshelf Accents

Bookshelf Accents

Do you have one shelf on the wall that is by itself? It probably looks plain and boring even with the decorations that sit on the shelf. A couple of macramé tapestries will enhance the look while securing the ends of the shelf so your decorations won’t fall off. The tapestry can be made into the shelf or worked around the side depending on how it is designed. Beads dotted throughout this macramé piece make it more visually appealing as well. Add a couple more shelves above and below this one to add more space and visual interest.

8. Tree of Life

 Tree of Life

Macrame tapestries can be made into patterns. This tree of life piece can be hung in a library, bedroom, or living room. This tapestry adds color and creates an interesting talking piece. No matter what type of theme you have in your home, the Tree of Life tapestry can step the décor up a level.

9. Interesting Curtain

Interesting Curtain

A macramé piece can be made into a curtain. This is perfect if you have a window that you want some light to get through, but you don’t need the window completely blocked out. The curtain adds an airy feel and opens allows a good amount of light in without having to completely open the curtain. The curtain can be styled a few different ways as it gives a bohemian feels or can be made to have a vintage look. The accents surrounding the curtain will define this type of curtain.

10. Accent Piece

Accent Piece

Perfect for the foyer or smaller entryway to the home, this wall-piece adds unique texture to otherwise plain wall. The threads perfectly angle up the stair case direction, providing compelling movement in the home. Adding this kind of hanging macramé piece over bright color would really make the threads pop out. (from Macro Macrame)

The Beauty of Macrame Tapestries

Macrame is simple to learn once you master the knots. There are many types of knots to create different designs and looks depending on your personality, décor, and skill level and the tapestries can be easily hung on their rods or with picture rail systems. Macrame tapestries come in many sizes, colors, and styles so you will find the perfect one to complement your home décor.

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Here’s How to Hang a Tapestry (with Inspiration)


A tapestry is a simple way to cover up boring white walls in any room of your home. They also express your personality and add texture to areas that tend to be bland. Tapestries come in all different colors and sceneries to match your décor. So just how do you hang these tapestries? There are a few easy steps to follow so you can spruce up your walls in no time.

Hanging Tapestries 101

There are many ways to present your tapestries. Some are more attractive than others, but any of these methods will surely do the job.

Rail-based Installation System

Arguably the simplest way to hang a tapestry is with a rail-based system. Piecemeal picture hanging systems allow you to hang tapestries of any size and weight on any wall in just a few minutes. The lightweight, aluminum rail sits close to the ceiling, or however high or low you position it on the wall. The clip system can be adjusted to where you want the tapestry to hang horizontally on the wall. It is easy to flatten out the tapestry against the wall or achieve a loose hanging look with this system because you can adjust the clips to be as tight or as slack as you want.

Rods and Finials

Another easy way to hang a tapestry is with a rod and finials. This only works if your tapestry has a rod pocket, which not all of them do. The rod is similar to a curtain rod and will need brackets for hanging – similar to hanging a window curtain. The tapestry will not be flush to the wall with this method, but it will be flat on the rod.


A baseboard is a good way to hang a tapestry if you want the tapestry flush against the wall. The baseboard should be slightly shorter than the width of the tapestry and needs to fit in the rod pocket. Drill two holes in the baseboard that match up to where you want the tapestry to hang on the wall. If the tapestry is heavy, make sure to use anchors to ensure it stays securely in place. Put the baseboard in the tapestry and screw the baseboard onto the wall.


To create a unique look, you can use a rope to hang the tapestry. This will involve some cutting and a little DIY. Use a thick rope that will securely hold the tapestry – this will also add texture to the tapestry. Cut slits in the tapestry about five inches or eight inches apart, depending how large your tapestry is. Once the slits are cut, thread the rope through the tapestry. Place two screws where the rope ends to hang your tapestry.

Shower Curtain Rod and Hangers

If you do not have rope and your tapestry does not have a rod pocket, you can use the above method with a shower curtain rod and curtain hangers. Cut the slits the same way as stated above and then place curtain hangers in each slot. Place curtain rod brackets where you want the tapestry hung so they are ready to go when the tapestry is set up. After the hangers are in each slot, attach them to the curtain rod and place the setup on the bracket. Flatten out and adjust the tapestry to your liking.

Inspiration for Hanging Tapestries

Now that you know how to hang tapestries, it is time for some inspiration. There are all types of tapestries available, from modern to vintage to medieval style. Tapestries can be put in any room of your home to add a unique element and accent piece. Take a look at these pieces to inspire the décor in your home.

hanging tapestries

Cozy Bedroom – The tapestry is used to enhance the cozy nook in this bedroom. The piece is surrounded by a sheer white canopy with accent lighting, which can be easily done with Christmas lights. The different textures play off each other to create a breezy atmosphere when you want to take a break from the day or winding down for the night.


Cozy Bedroom

Hallway Piece – This hallway statement piece is perfect for a near entryway leading into a living room or sitting area. The tapestry has a vintage feel and adds to the Western style décor surrounding it. The dark wood complements the dark colors of scene on the tapestry. The intricate detail and surrounding pieces will add a talking point as well as your guests filter into the home.



Living Room Accent – Tapestries make great pieces in the living room because they take up a lot of bare space that would otherwise be boring or empty. This medieval themed tapestry adds texture to a contemporary style living room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match décor styles as that is what makes the décor uniquely you. The combination in this example creates an inviting space with visual interest. (from


Living Room Accent

Hanging from the Ceiling – Hanging a tapestry from the ceiling would look great in a child’s room or a young teen’s bedroom. This example creates an inviting space while adding texture to the area. The tapestry complements the bright dresser as do the colorful accents in the area. This can be made to look eclectic or to collect your child’s favorite nick knacks.


Hanging from the Ceiling

Loft Bed – If you live in a dorm room – or have a loft bed – adding a tapestry to the lower portion creates a nice private area. The tapestry can be pulled back or kept in place while in the sitting area. Not only does this add a unique element to the room, but is also adds personality as well.


Tapestry hanging

Entryway Color – Entryways tend to be boring with just a coatrack or a table, but these can be easily brightened up by adding a tapestry. This example pulls colors from the tapestry and adds them to accents on the table. The mirrored design of the table is a neutral color but still reflects the colors of the tapestry, making for an interesting piece. The purple lamps, gold statue, and white stools make the entry area complete.


ornate tapestry hanging

Statement Piece – There is nothing better than a large tapestry to make a statement piece, such as in this example. The tall ceilings and open living room call for something large to complement the area. A small tapestry would be lost in the surroundings, but this large piece adds a style element that says elegance. The tapestry can be seen from all areas, such as the top loft area as well as the downstairs sitting area.


cool tapestry

Create a Theme – Do you have pieces around your home but don’t really have a theme? A tapestry can add a theme, such as a Southwest theme as shown above. The throw pulls the bright color out of the tapestry and the plant adds to the theme. The light color wood is reminiscent of sand from the desert. Without the tapestry, the theme would be lost.


colorful tapestry

An Inspiration Corner – An inspiration corner is a great place to add books, pictures, and a large, colorful tapestry. It can be in any room of the home to add a spark of creativity. The white colors of the bureau, pot, and shelves allow the tapestry to pop off the wall. Add your favorite creative accents to make this corner complete. Top it off with a comfortable sitting chair or chaise to relax and write the next great novel.


living room tapestry

Living Room Décor – A tapestry can really pull a living room together, especially when pulling off a vintage Italian theme. The picture of the villa on the tapestry makes you feel like you are in the countryside of Italy. Complete the area with vintage pillows and curtains to complete the feel. Of course, you need fresh Italian wine to enjoy this cozy space.


Pulling it All Together

Tapestries come in many different sizes, styles, and colors. Whether you set up with rods or rails, tapestries are simple to hang. Rail systems, in particular, can handle any weight or size tapestry and comes in a variety of styles. Order your system to hang your favorite tapestry to add personality to your room today!

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Innovative Gallery Wall Ideas for Any Room

4 Kids Wall Art

Do you have too many items to hang and not enough space? It’s time to get creative with your art arrangements! Here’s a collection of gallery wall ideas for those spare pieces you just have to display.

1. Corner Gallery

gallery wall ideas

So, you love art? If you are an avid art collector you may be wondering how to display it in your home. This is a creative example of how to create an inviting atmosphere while bringing the room together. These couch pulls the colors out of the modern art pieces to make them pop. The lamp in the corner creates a cozy area that makes you just want to sit and contemplate the art on the wall. (from

2. Kid’s Gallery Wall Ideas

Kid’s artwork tends to end up all over the place, or filed away and forgotten about. Why not make a gallery out of it? Find frames to match the individual pictures. Make the frames as large or as small as you want by adding a mat inside the frame. Turn it into a family project by having your kids help pick out their favorite pieces of work to display on the wall. The artwork can be replaced easily as new pieces are created making for an ever-changing gallery. (from

Do you have a lot of rotating wall pieces? Simplify the decoration process with the STAS hanging system. Install the kit once and move your art around freely as much as you want. Check out the STAS system here.

3. The Quote Wall

Gallery wall art does not have to be about pictures, it can be about your favorite quotes and decorations from around your home. The rustic themed wall art brings together words of wisdom, rustic elegance, and is enhanced by the eclectic symbols. A gallery like this would be perfect in an entryway to greet guests as they walked into your home. It would also work well as a cozy book nook in a living room or den. (from

4. Office Gallery Wall Ideas

art gallery ideas office

An office space says a lot about who you are as a company and as a person, which is why you need a sleek, elegant design. This gallery uses pictures of varying sizes but are all lined up at the bottom. Each frame is a different shade of rose gold, which complements the warm colors of the left wall. The gallery gives the wall some character without being too overwhelming for an office setting.

This small gallery in particular is displayed with the STAS picture hanging system. Once the kit is put in place, you will have unlimited organization of your favorite pieces across the entire wall. Preserve your walls and enjoy total customization with STAS. Watch a video of the STAS system in action, right here.

5. Sleek Black Frame Gallery

gallery wall ideas minimalism

If you are more of a minimalist person, black and white may be more your style. This sleek gallery wall art does have some subtle colors in it, but it is dominated by a minimalist look. The gallery is complemented by modern art pieces, such as the 3D geometric piece. All the artwork has the black frame in common and is mostly dominated by the white mats inside the frame. The varying sizes of the mats make this gallery visually interesting. (from

⚠ Are your pieces a little too heavy? Simplify the hanging process and save the integrity of your walls with stronger hanging systems.

6. Kid’s Nook Gallery

art gallery wall ideas kids

A kids’ play area is the perfect place to display their crafts or kid-themed artwork. Here the gallery is made up of two mobiles and a collage of kid-friendly pictures. Whether this is a drawing table or just a surface to play on, the children will be inspired by the bright colors and fun pictures. The gallery will be simple to hang as you will only need a few cords to create this look.

Displaying creative arrangements is very easy with the STAS system. After one easy, non-destructive setup you can enjoy years and years of total creative control with art, mirrors, clocks, and more. If you’re afraid of ruining your home with holes, you can take control of your walls with STAS.

7. Family Focus Gallery

gallery wall idea family first

When you want family as your focus, a gallery wall art like this is a good option. The family photo is in the middle with the children’s complementing on the outside. The quotes in this gallery are meaningful to the family members, so you can really make it your own. One simple way to change this up is with the chalkboard picture frame. Just erase the previous quote and write your new favorite one on the board. (from

8. Travel Gallery Wall

This travel gallery wall art is perfect if you have the travel bug. Even if you have not been to any of these places, the pictures on the wall can inspire you and enhance the space in your home. Find a frame that fits the feel of the photo. For example, a vintage frame would go well with the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. The travel gallery can be used for both modern and vintage pictures to match your home décor. (from

8. Peaceful Gallery

gallery wall art idea peaceful

Looking for something peaceful to add to your home? This gallery of leaves goes well with the theme in this home. Each frame is all the same while the leaves in the middle are different. The golden statues pull out the gold undertones from the leaves while keeping the nature feel to the gallery. In front of the piano is the perfect spot for this gallery as nature is known to soothe and inspire creativity. (from

9. Four-piece Gallery

four piece gallery wall art idea

A gallery does not have to feel cluttered or eccentric to create an effect. This four-piece minimalistic gallery goes well with the modern desk and chair. There are two pairs of the same size frames staggered to create a larger square. When it comes to creating this type of gallery, the mats inside the frames can be different size to fit your own pictures. Furthermore, while this gallery is black and white, another option would be to choose two colors to brighten up the space or enhance the modern décor.  (from

10. The Home Studio Gallery Wall Ideas

home studio space gallery idea

Whether you have room in your house or own a professional gallery, hanging high quality artwork needs to be done with the right tools. This photo shows how big of an impact the art can have with a simple hanging system. The result is a sleek design that lets the passerby focus on what is in the artwork, and not what is holding it up. Combined with spotlights, this professional gallery can be hung in a short amount of time.

11. Vintage Gallery Wall Ideas

gallery wall ideas vintage

Vintage style is always in style as it has a classic look and can be used in a variety of ways. Here the gallery uses vintage frames and photos to create a unique gallery. The furniture surrounding the gallery keeps the vintage feel with the distressed chair and brown cushion. If you cannot find vintage frames, make your own by using chalk paint and distressing the frame yourself. Look for vintage photos at garage sales or thrift shops. (from

12. Staircase Gallery

staircase gallery idea

A staircase is a wonderful place to put a gallery, especially one of your family. Oftentimes this space goes underused or unused, so fill it up with favorite pictures of friends and family. In this gallery, the large photo of the family is the focal point and the surrounding ones accent it. Using varying size frames, the gallery turns what would have been a boring walk up the stairs into an interesting one. (from

13. Cloth Gallery Ideas

gallery wall art idea

Galleries are not just for frames and pictures. Canvas art can be hung using a clip hanging system. This way, the canvas can be displayed as tight or as loose as the artist intended. The hanging system works well for other types of material as well, and is not just for canvases. Using a unique material like a canvas adds texture in a gallery to liven up the space.

14. The Eclectic Gallery

gallery wall hanging ideas

Who says you only have to put photos on the wall? Here this gallery uses plates, a record, and other odds and ends to create a visually interesting gallery. A gallery like this could be created from things you have collected over the years from various places you have traveled, mementos that have been passed down through your family, or random finds at a flea market. When creating a gallery like this, there are many possibilities. (from

16. Entire Wall Gallery

entire wall gallery ideas

Vintage or old photos are a wonderful way to show off where you have come from or to remember the past. This gallery is created with black and white photos and frames of varying sizes. The photos are lined up at different heights, but they are spread out enough to be visually interesting – instead of just in a straight line. As you walk past this gallery, your eyes will be drawn up and down.

17. The Above the Bar Gallery

above the bar gallery ideas
Need gallery wall ideas for your own personal lounge or bar? A wine bar is a good place to hang your sepia toned photos of the wine making process. Fields of endless grapevines, barrels, and closeup of grapes complement the interior of this bar. The hanging system allows you to move the pictures side to side until you find the right spot. Rounding off the gallery is a clever clock that brings together the top and bottom of the bar.

18. A Dining Gallery

dining gallery ideas

To complete a dining area, hang a piece of art that complements the wall color. This artwork tones down the lighter color behind it. The combination of the light and dark chairs completes the set to create a unique eating area. It is both cozy and bold without being overly dramatic. As you change tables over the years, the artwork can change with you. The hanging system can be used with different pieces and moved to be centered according to the table.

19. Crafty Kids Gallery

Sometimes our kids create so many crafts that we just do not know what to do with them. Luckily for you, here are some great gallery wall ideas for all those bits and pieces of wonderful art the children in your life create. Start hanging them on wall with this hanging system. As you add more pieces, you can space them out evenly. Furthermore, the gallery can be extended sideways or down depending on your design preference. This gallery shows both, as the first kite is being extended down while other kites are expanding outwards. Utilizing a unique hanging system like STAS will really help your wall pop with creativity from the freedom of customization. Not to mention your walls won’t be littered with holes and blemishes from traditional hanging techniques.

20. Baby Room Gallery Wall Ideas

baby room gallery ideas

Need gallery wall ideas for the newest member of your family? This clever gallery uses teddy bears to add a third dimension to the gallery. The frames are all the same as are the two bears. The different fabrics in the middle frames are made of the same fabric from the curtain and pillow, which bring the entire area together. As the child grows older, the frames can easily be switched out and moved around with the hanging system.


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